Beaming e-books from cell phone to printer


Epson, being in the printer industry and all, doesn’t want you to think that e-ink is the wave of the future. Instead, just regular old paper printed from a regular old printer is the age old (and trusted) way of doing things. Epson has teamed up with Sammy NetWorks to create a solution wherein you can purchase an e-book through your cell phone, and beam it over to your printer via IrDA for instant printing.

Normally, we only discuss DRM in the context of music and videos, but the same can be said for many of the e-books that you can purchase online. In this way, you can “share” your purchased e-book, only in a big-stack-of-paper kind of way. They say that this infrared-powered system would be great for periodicals, out-of-print material, and limited audience-type works. All this is possible because of their unique muPass system.

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