The world’s thinnest speaker from Panasonic: 1.5 millimeters


image_24657_largeimagefile The world's thinnest speaker from Panasonic: 1.5 millimetersNow, how do you go about making the thinnest cell phones and the slimmest multimedia players? You’ve got to look to the components that make these products and how you can apply the Weight Watchers program to them. Panasonic certainly knows that “thin is in” and that’s why they have created what they claim to be the world’s slimmest speaker.

The new speaker measures just 1.5mm (0.059-inches) thick, a full 40% slimmer than the previous record holder (2.5mm). Panasonic is reassuring us that despite losing some girth, this leaner and meaner speaker is just as loud and provides “the same great sound quality.” Sure, it’s the size of a postage stamp, but they do say that great things come in small packages.

Full production is scheduled to start in May 2007, with implementation in various cell phones and so on to follow shortly afterward.

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