Edge Tech Corp offers biometrics, free programs with DiskGO USB drives

Edge Tech Corp announced a couple of new DiskGO USB flash drives today, one with plenty of preloaded programs, while the other is secured with a fingerprint reader.

When you plug the DiskGO U3 (top) into your computer’s USB port, the U3 Launcpad automatically appears on the Windows taskbar. From there, you can access the six pre-loaded software programs:

- Migo: bringing an entire desktop to any computer
- Thunderbird: custom email program
- Pass2Go: secure password management
- ACDSee PE: photo editing
- PowerBackup U3 Light: data backup
- ZinioReader: online resource for access to “hundreds of electronic publications”

The DiskGO Biometric Flash Drive (bottom), as you can guess, boasts security via a fingerprint reader: the software allows for up to 10 stored fingerprints. Of course, it’s plug-and-play and USB 2.0 compatible.

The DiskGO U3 ranges from 512MB ($30) to 2GB ($60), whereas the Biometric ranges from 1GB ($70) to 4GB ($150). Both are available now.

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