ShuffleBud transforms 2nd-gen iPod shuffle into USB thumb drive, sort of

You knew it was going to be a trade-off. Upon hearing about the cliptastic 2nd-gen iPod shuffle, you quickly sent your first-genner off-a-packing via eBay. You love how tiny your new portable music player is, but you miss the direct USB connectivity. ShuffleBud gives that back to you.

Instead of using the dock that comes with your 2nd-gen Apple iPod shuffle, you can use the Incipio ShuffleBud. It goes into the 3.5mm jack, translating the signal into a USB one so you can connect the clippy player directly to your computer. It, too, is “impossibly small” at 5.6 grams and 47 x 16mm, as well as being impossibly cheap at just $5.99. That price even includes a lanyard loop. Sweet.

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