Compustar Pro SS Remote gives an update to car security


image_24871_largeimagefile Compustar Pro SS Remote gives an update to car securityJust like cell phones, car alarms can do much more than what they were originally designed to do. Sure, you can still arm and disarm remotely, getting to blare out an annoying scream if someone kicks your tire or something, but there’s so much more to it now. Compustar is a trusted leader in the car security industry, and with the introduction of the Pro P2WSS-R Series SS Remote, they’ve taken it that much further.

With Compustar’s signature two-way pager design, the remote will now not only tell you when your alarm has been set off, but also things like internal vehicle temperature. You can also program time and temperature from the remote. Range to the vehicle is one mile, whereas range to the remote pager is 2 miles.

No word on pricing or availability.

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