Crayola makes MP3 player, not useful for coloring books


image_25220_largeimagefile Crayola makes MP3 player, not useful for coloring booksWow, it seems like everyone and their mother is entering the lucrative MP3 player market these days. Crayola, a company much better known for making top notch crayons, has just created a $50 portable music player clearly targetted at the younger set.

To be powered by a single AAA battery, the Crayola MP3 player (YCMW2816) was created in partnership with GPX. There are two audio jacks, with a pair of headphones and a set of earbuds to match. Memory comes by way of an SD memory card slot, and you’ll be able to keep track of what you’re listening to through the tiny monochrome display.

The Crayola MP3 player clearly isn’t the most powerful DAP out there, but for $50, it’ll make a fun gift for your (very) young nephew.

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