NexTouch reveals 802.11n-capable WiFi phone


image_25310_largeimagefile NexTouch reveals 802.11n-capable WiFi phoneCurrently “under development” at the NexTouch labs is the ET500 next-generation WiFi mobile phone. The main difference you’ll find here is that this handset boasts 802.11n connectivity. That’s right, the N-standard has not even even been ratified (correct me if I’m wrong), but companies like Belkin have already released routers based on the draft spec, so why can’t they make a WiFi phone based on the same?

The NexTouch ET500 WiFi mobile phone is said to support data transfer speeds of up to 100Mbps, giving it the ability to seamlessly stream high quality video and other multimedia. On the design front, there’s nothing too awe-inspiring here, but its utter simplicity and understated elegance will certainly attract some customers (if the whole 802.11n business doesn’t).

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