Bluetooth keyboard by Mobis is soft and snuggly

image_25373_largeimagefile Bluetooth keyboard by Mobis is soft and snugglyThe world of technology can be a cold and cruel place. It’s filled with harsh metals, emotionless plastic, and an exploding battery or two. For a warmer tactile experience, there is the Mobis Roky2 Bluetooth keyboard made of flexible fabric. Its soft composition makes it an absolute comfort to behold. Also keep it mind that it is infinitely portable: when you’re ready to hit the road, simply roll it up and off you go.

It boasts full-size cursor keys, the standard QWERTY layout, and even a handful of shortcuts. Before you factor in the weight of the 2 AAA batteries need to power this puppy (10 hours of life, by the way), the Roky2 is just 68 grams. No word on price.

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