Motorola KRZR gets KRZieR with new colors


image_25622_largeimagefile Motorola KRZR gets KRZieR with new colorsApparently Motorola thinks that the KRZR has been on the market for too long already and it’s due for an update. Oh, they’re not giving us renewed functionality, but they just may be offering new paint jobs. They did it countless times to the KRZRs predecessor — the ubiquitous RAZR that every housewife in America owns — so why can’t they take the color swapping treatment to the longer, slimmer variant?

The two new tones are set for launch in “Q4 2006.” Soon, you will be able to choose beyond that vibrant blue you seem to find everywhere, opting instead for “silver quartz” or black. Whether there will be a price premium for these new colors remains to be seen.

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