LG VX9900 (enV) takes on the Sidekick

Didn’t you know? T-Mobile’s Sidekick isn’t the only hot messaging phone out there. Verizon Wireless is getting ready to release a mobile IM machine of its own in the form of the LG VX9900, better known in some circles as the enV. In the strictest sense, you probably wouldn’t consider this a business-geared smartphone. It is perhaps better suited for the mobile messenger who must stay logged in to AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN Messenger round the clock.

Thankfully, the price is right for the device itself. According to a leaked retailer spec sheet, the Verizon enV is expected to launch on November 27th, the enV will sell for $320, $200, and $150 respectively for full retail, one-year, and two-year contracts. If only their data plans were more affordable…

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