WonkaZoid puts gaming, candy together in your hands

Feeling Oompa-Loompa nostalgia? Or maybe just looking a handheld that doubles as a snack holder? Either way, you’re bound to like the WonkaZoid, from Wonka Candies.

In case that name hasn’t jumped out at you, Wonka is for Willy Wonka, the head of the Chocolate Factory that Charlie goes to visit. Charlie and the other kids are surrounded by all manner of candy, as will you be when you play Shockball Showdown, Oompa Candy Flip, Nerds Hockey, or Freeze Tag. All of those games are available on the WonkaZoid, which has slots built in to the handheld for holding candy (or even healthier food).

The first bit of candy is included with the handheld. The rest of what you consume while gaming away is up to you.

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