“Metal Black” Nokia E50: the compact smartphone


image_25654_largeimagefile "Metal Black" Nokia E50: the compact smartphoneIt can be tough, sometimes, when you’re looking for a new cell phone. You want all the functionality that a smartphone can offer, but you need it to be in the most compact of form factors. The Nokia E50 is coming back into the spotlight, this time clad in a “Metal Black” exterior.

Other than its new darker appearance, there isn’t much that has changed from the garden variety E50. You still get the same quad-band GSM/EDGE, 1.3 megapixel picture taker, microSD expansion, and S60 3rd Edition. If you want one — even though we don’t know the price — you better get on the line with Nokia soon, because the black E50 will only see a “limited release” in “select markets”.

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