Custom build your own MP3 player with the Daisy kit

image_25695_largeimagefile Custom build your own MP3 player with the Daisy kitYou didn’t manage to score a PlayStation 3 this morning, so what are you going to do to occupy yourself until the next shipment comes by? Maybe, try to learn a little something and have something to show for it with the MAKE Daisy MP3 player kit. They provide you with all the meaningful parts, and it is up to you to piece them together and make yourself a fully functional MP3/WAV music player.

The one little chip board is apparently already complete, but you’ll need to find yourself a power source, some sort of memory (apparently SD is the way to go), and a decent set of earbuds. Of course, you’ll want to fashion some sort of case too if you want to actually use this thing.

Price for the kit is $115. Remember, this is a pet project, not an iPod (or Zune) replacement.

Michael Kwan

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