Binoculars, camera, video recorder: It’s all in-one

Binoculars, camera, video recorder: It’s all in-one


image_25720_largeimagefile Binoculars, camera, video recorder: It's all in-oneThe Pro Viewer BinoCam is a set of powerful binoculars that is also a digital camera and a video recorder.

Take a few seconds to digest all that. You can use the 8X zoom to get fine detail on whatever you want to shoot, then click and save it, as either still or video, onto an SD card. The company is bandying about the large number of 5 for the number of megapixels you can achieve when recording video.

Did we mention that the thing has a viewscreen right on top?

The price isn’t all that bad, either, especially for a 5MP device. You’ll pay just US$200.

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