Nikon D40 DSLR costs $599

Nikon D40 DSLR costs $599


image_25751_largeimagefile Nikon D40 DSLR costs $599The Nikon D40 is no longer a mystery product. The highly anticipated new DSLR is a lightweight 6.1-megapixel model that offers new features without losing quality.

Among the user-friendly features are a lighting assistance button, in-camera editing and built-in help, so you don’t need to keep the manual with you at all times. Some other features include a flash off mode, so you don’t have to be burdened with squinting subjects, and a total of eight preset modes, so even the beginners can use the D40.

The screen is bright and large, at 2.5 inches, and the zoom is equivalant to 3X (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens). More importantly, the company says that the new model is compatible with Nikon Af-I and AF-S lenses. Top shutter speed is 2.5 pictures each second, with a nonstop limit of 100. Everything you shoot is saved instantly onto an SD card.

The Nikon D40 will be available in the U.S. in December for a low price of US$599.95.

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