Toshiba challenges Segway with fuel cell transporter


image_25842_largeimagefile Toshiba challenges Segway with fuel cell transporterIt’s the wave of the future. First, we saw designers develop single-passenger vehicles, because more often than not, cars only contain the driver anyways. Then along came the mysterious “Project Ginger”, a device that was supposed to revolutionize the way we view human transportation. Well, the Segway came to pass, and it’s exactly as prolific as they had hoped.

Nonetheless, Toshiba wants to tackle the single-person scooter game with a transporter of their own. One distinct difference from the Segway, however: this one is powered by fuel cells. Moreover, it has LED lights on the front that are not only meant to “communicate” with other scooters, but also for navigation and “anti-collision” purposes. Safer? Maybe. Pricing? Non-existent at this point.

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