Boost’s loopt enables location-based mapping with friends

Boost’s loopt enables location-based mapping with friends


image_25946_largeimagefile Boost's loopt enables location-based mapping with friendsMobiles going social. Who knew?

So now you can keep track of your friends and their locations more easily than texting all the time. You can use a service called loopt, from Boost Mobile. It’s the latest entry in the emerging “geo-tagging” market, whereby GPS is used to locate people on the go and the specific locations of various things, like points of interest.

Users sign in to a private network, and their locations are instantly specified on a mobile map. That way, you always know where your friends are (as long as they’re signed in as well).

The company demonstrated this new functionality at an event in Times Square, in conjunction with a wider launch in the New York area. The service will be widely available on November 20. It requires an application download to a Java-enabled phone, and it costs just US$2.99 a month.

As for whether you’ll be able to have fun playing Hide and Seek, that’s up to you.

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