2010 Ford Mustang to be a wagon too?


image_25890_largeimagefile 2010 Ford Mustang to be a wagon too?Sheer speculation at this point, but a German magazine is indicating that when 2010 rolls around, the Ford Mustang will be available in wagon form. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Mustang Wagon: the carmaker did create one in the 60s “as a design study.”

Auto Motor und Sport put together these renderings of what they think the 2010 Mustang “Shooting Brake” might look like, as well as a more conventional coupe and convertible.

What’s interesting is that Ford said that they will be “more aggressive” with the next generation Mustang, but is building a wagon really the way to do it?

image_25890_superimage 2010 Ford Mustang to be a wagon too?

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