RCA brings HDTV to any laptop with USB “telereceiver”


image_26026_largeimagefile RCA brings HDTV to any laptop with USB "telereceiver"Admit it. You obviously use your laptop for more than just work-related tasks, so why not watch your favorite HDTV programming there too? The RCA MPC4000 “telereceiver” lets you do that. Moreover, by using the included software, you can essentially transform your computer into a PVR solution, pausing and recording live TV right onto your hard drive. There’s an on-screen program guide that lets your browse standard analog broadcasts as well.

Simply connect the MPC4000 to any USB port (you’ll probably want to stick to the 2.0 variety), prop up and clip the antenna, and away you go! They say that with this $199 device, you’ll be “turning virtually any Windows machine into a Media Center PC.” Look for it some time next year (yes, they were that specific with launch dates).

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