LEC panels are paper-thin lightbulbs


    image_25989_largeimagefile LEC panels are paper-thin lightbulbsWhy do we think that these sorts of things will end up in dentists’ offices or interrogation rooms?

    A new company called CeeLite has made light-emitting panels that can come as large as wallpaper-size. They’re just a millimeter thick and can be as large as 3 x 6 feet.

    They’re LEC panels, with the acronym standing for Light Emitting Capacitor. A pair of electrodes encases light-emitting phosphors, which light up when AC voltage comes on the scene. This is manufactured light, of course, and it glows evenly by design, although you can bend it a bit to get your light more or less even, to suit your fancy.

    Come to think of it, we might see these on dance floors soon.

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