Epson Endeavor NJ1000 lappie on the cheap

Epson Endeavor NJ1000 lappie on the cheap


For some, nothing short of the best will do. These are the kinds of people that drop a fortune into their portable electronics. For others, it’s more important to keep a budget in mind, and to simply get an “adequate” mobile computing solution. It is to this bargain-hunting segment that Epson is marketing their Endeavor NJ1000 notebook. In fact, it can be had for less that 470 Euros (US$600).

As can be expected, the base specs aren’t that impressive, but they’ll fulfill your basic needs quite well. Powered by Windows XP Home, the NJ1000 boasts a Celeron M410 processor, 256MB RAM, 40GB HDD, CD player, ATI Radeon 200M graphics, and a 15-inch XGA display. If you feel the need to up the ante (and pay accordingly), Epson will very gladly upgrade you to a Core 2 Duo T5500, more RAM, a bigger hard drive, and so forth.