Epson Endeavor NJ1000 lappie on the cheap


image_26070_largeimagefile Epson Endeavor NJ1000 lappie on the cheapFor some, nothing short of the best will do. These are the kinds of people that drop a fortune into their portable electronics. For others, it’s more important to keep a budget in mind, and to simply get an “adequate” mobile computing solution. It is to this bargain-hunting segment that Epson is marketing their Endeavor NJ1000 notebook. In fact, it can be had for less that 470 Euros (US$600).

As can be expected, the base specs aren’t that impressive, but they’ll fulfill your basic needs quite well. Powered by Windows XP Home, the NJ1000 boasts a Celeron M410 processor, 256MB RAM, 40GB HDD, CD player, ATI Radeon 200M graphics, and a 15-inch XGA display. If you feel the need to up the ante (and pay accordingly), Epson will very gladly upgrade you to a Core 2 Duo T5500, more RAM, a bigger hard drive, and so forth.

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