TAVI 030 is PMPing with a clamshell


image_26151_largeimagefile TAVI 030 is PMPing with a clamshellIt can be difficult to properly protect the screen of your glorious personal media player. TAVI is addressing this issue with their 030, a clamshell designed PMP that bears some resemblance to the Game Boy Advance SP. But let me tell you, this is much more powerful than Nintendo’s aging handheld.

For starters, there’s a beefy 30GB hard drive in there to store all of your multimedia goodness. You’ll be enjoying satellite TV, wireless VOD, IPTV, Podcasting, and so forth on the 3.5-inch color LCD screen. There’s support for both 5.1 surround sound and high definition, and they’re reporting a solid 5.5 hours of battery life. Available now for $450 from Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other fine retailers.

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