MPEG-2, 5.1 sound, AC3 audio heading to Archos 404/504/604

Remember the Archos 604 I reviewed late last week. It seems that the good folks at Archos are offering a free downloadable plug-in that allows their new family of PMPs to rock MPEG-2, VOB, 5.1 sound, and AC3 audio.

This isn’t the first time that Archos has issued a firmware upgrade of sorts; it’s the second (the first added H.264 video and AAC sound). In any case, you can now show off your lovely MPEG-2 movies (either as a .VOB or .mpg) to all your friends and even blast it out in 5.1 channel stereo sound if you picked up the $100 DVR docking station.

More importantly, the latest firmware release (version 1.5.52) irons out a few other kinks and bugs from that which preceded it. Check out the plug-ins here/a>.

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