Sprint is first CDMA provider with SLVR


image_26314_largeimagefile Sprint is first CDMA provider with SLVRSprint finally has a reason to cheer, because they’ve finally beat CDMA adversary Verizon to the punch when it comes to releasing a hot new cell phone. Sprint has just announced the SLVR L7c, effectively becoming the first CDMA service provider anywhere with Motorola’s slender candybar. Of course, the SLVR itself isn’t particularly new — it’s been offered as a GSMer for some time now — so it’s not all that exciting.

Although Sprint has gone on the record to say they will be carrying the sleek handset, they haven’t said when it will hit shelves or how much it will cost. As a refresher, we fully expect this phone to boast a VGA camera, microSD expansion, and Bluetooth.

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