Samsung SPH-P9000 boasts fold-out keyboard, Mobile WiMAX, EV-DO

Samsung is calling the SPH-P9000 a “PDA-based device” but this convergence machine offers so much more, most notably high-speed connections to Mobile WiMAX and EV-DO. It may not be as pocketable as a smartphone, but the SPH-9000 is certainly more powerful, complete with internet connectivity (via WiMAX), voice communication (via CDMA EV-DO), and a fold-out QWERTY keyboard making text entry an absolute cinch.

As it is powered by Windows XP, you’ll get all of those familiar apps for media playing and so forth. Other key features of this sub-one pound device include a 5-inch WVGA display, 30GB HDD, and what appears to be a cam for video telephony. No word on price, but the SPH-9000 is destined for Korean shelves early next year.

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