LG Chocolate lovin’ from Telus Mobility

Verizon isn’t the only North American wireless service provider dishing out the sweets this holiday season. North of the 49th parallel, Telus has just unleashed the LG Chocolate phone. No, not the sleek-looking GSM version, of course, but the same not-so-pretty one that Verizon gets, complete with the music navigation wheel on the front. The specs are the same, including the 1.3 megapixel camera and touch sensitive keys, but Telus being Telus, the LG 8500 Chocolate will also be capable of doing Telus mobile music and mobile TV. Love that Spark. Price is $130 with a three-year agreement.

If you’re looking for a handful of extras, then you may want to pony up the extra $70 (again with three-year contract) and get the “Hot Chocolate SPARK Music Box LIMITED EDITION.” In addition to the phone to satisfy your sweet tooth, you get “treated” to a Plantronics Bluetooth stereo headset, 1GB microSD memory card, and a clear phone carry case with swivel belt clip. Not a bad deal.

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