Hasbro dishes out Massively Mini Media Player


    image_26397_largeimagefile Hasbro dishes out Massively Mini Media PlayerHasbro is a widely respected name when it comes to developing children’s toys, and they’ve got plenty of instantly recognizable subsidiaries like Milton Bradley, Playskool, Tonka, and Wrebbit. The digitally-minded Tiger Electronics has a new gadget geared for kids this holiday season: the Massively Mini Media Player. It may not be quite as tiny as the new iPod shuffle or as beefy as an Archos 604, but the Massively Mini Media Player does pack in both audio (MP3/WMA) and video (AVI/WMV) support, despite its barely-there 128MB of on-board memory and squintworthy 1.2-inch OLED display. Available in pink, silver and green, this PMP is available through Walmart for $68.66.

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