Byd Auto F8 hardtop convertible destined for U.S.


image_26398_largeimagefile Byd Auto F8 hardtop convertible destined for U.S.They say that China is going to be the next big market, both in terms of production and consumption. Set for unraveling at the Beijing Auto Show is the F8 hardtop convertible from China’s own Byd Auto. The F8 certainly has some Mercedes SL influence, but they are reporting that this vehicle is the first hardtop drop-top in China with “independent intellectual property rights.” The roof, at the touch of a button, comes folding down in 25 seconds. Standard features will include ABS, airbags, electric windows and even a DVD player. They haven’t announced an American launch date, but they have an approximate launch price: about $26,000. Still sitting on the fence? Those red wheels will push you over one way or another.

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