One MP3 player, two headphones


image_26473_largeimagefile One MP3 player, two headphonesMicrosoft may be emphasizing the communal properties of the upcoming Zune media player, but what if you could share your music in a much more direct way? CAU Digital Corporation has come up with a slim MP3 player that boasts some unique functionality: it allows two people to listen to its tunes at the same time. Apparently included in the box are two pairs of wireless headphones, each packing an internal antenna. The system operates over the 2.4GHz ISM frequency (isn’t that the same as some cordless phones and 802.11g wireless routers?), meaning that you can be a good distance away and still be enjoying those glorious K-Pop jam sessions. The yet unnamed player also does video, but I suspect you’d want to be up close and personal for that.

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