ASUS 56F laptop gets pink Prada treatment


image_26436_largeimagefile ASUS 56F laptop gets pink Prada treatmentDidn’t you know? Laptop computers aren’t just business tools; they’re also fashion accessories. People dress up their notebooks with unique skins, just as they do their cell phones. For girly-girls with a little too much money on their hands, the ASUS 56F will soon be available with a pretty Prada dressing. The pink leather-covered notebook will surely attract a crowd.

The specs — 1.66GHz Core Duo processor, 120GB HDD, 11.12-inch screen, 4-in-1 card reader, etc. — aren’t exactly top of the line, but its fashion sense is about couture as it gets. They’re only making fifty of these units, so get that $2,500 ready and rush to the “selected distributors” next month. No word on whether the pink mouse is included.

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