Video: Motorola MS800 says howdy-do to DMB


image_26604_largeimagefile Video: Motorola MS800 says howdy-do to DMBThe first thing you’ll notice about the Korea-bound Motorola MS800 is that it boasts one of those cool swiveling displays. That feature is there for good reason, as this is Motorola’s first foray into the DMB cell phone game currently occupied by Korean giants like Samsung.

When you open the phone normally, it looks much like any other Moto clamshell on the market, but rotate that brilliant color display around to the other side, close the hinge, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful DMBing, PMPing wonder, complete with external media controls. Other key features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, 1GB internal memory expandable via microSD, and embedded 3D games.

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