Go Skype-ing with Rimax Mystic media player


image_26574_largeimagefile Go Skype-ing with Rimax Mystic media playerCell phones that also perform the tasks of a standalone MP3 player are nothing new. Rimax is going about it in the completely opposite way, offering the Mystic, a portable media player that happens to boast VoIP functionality. The full color 1.5-inch screen isn’t the biggest out there, but you can use it to keep track of all those MP3s you’ll be playing and the all those videos you’ll be enjoying. Don’t expect to stash too much though, as they’re only offering the Mystic in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB variations. You do get to choose from a variety of tones — blue, green, white, and orange — though, and when you’re done jamming to tunes, plug it into your computer via the provided USB cable and Skype to your heart’s content. Prices start at $106.

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