BlackBerry 8705 in the, er, flesh


image_26643_largeimagefile BlackBerry 8705 in the, er, fleshCall them spy pics, “spotted in the wild”, or whatever else you want, but we’ve got our grubby digital hands on a live picture of the BlackBerry 8705, complete with blatant T-Mobile badging. There doesn’t appear to be anything particularly exciting going on here: the same ol’ RIM goodness is coming to party. You’ll get the standard QWERTY keyboard, scroll wheel, and narrow call/end buttons you’ve come to expect from the 8700 series. The only notable difference is that this business handheld sports hearing aid compatibility. Unfortunately, they haven’t made the quantum leap to OS 4.2 either as the BlackBerry 8705 is still rocking version 4.1.

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