The iPhone lives, sort of, with iTalk nano


image_26734_largeimagefile The iPhone lives, sort of, with iTalk nanoMarketing goes a long way. Some products may be incredibly innovative, but lack the proper execution in the marketplace to make a big splash. Other devices are nothing particularly special, but they receive a flashy exterior and a clever name, and poof, instant success. Such may be the case with the iTalk nano.

It seems that AMEX Digital of Hong Kong has beaten Apple to the punch when it comes to releasing an iPhone, of sorts, because the iTalk nano (model number IT-N501) takes on the exact same form factor as the popular MP3 player and adds in the necessary numpad, transforming it into a fully functional USB VoIP phone. They didn’t even bother making the display a color one. It boasts USB 2.0 connectivity, Skype support, a 16-bit USB sound card, full duplex communication, and an “ultra slim and Human design”, whatever that means.

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