Samsung makes screens brighter with 1.7cd LED


image_26807_largeimagefile Samsung makes screens brighter with 1.7cd LEDHaving a sleek cell phone doesn’t do you very much good if you can’t even read the display when you’re outside (just ask the guys that fiddled with the Haier Black Pearl). Samsung loves staying on top of innovation, and they’re doing it again with a “0.6mm-thick 1.7cd white LED for mobile phone use.” The Coles Notes version: the screen is brighter.

Conventional LEDs only offer between 1.0 and 1.2cd, so this new version is about 50% brighter, a welcome improvement for those who live in sunnier climes. If you think that 1.7cd isn’t bright enough, Samsung still has you covered. They’re working on 2.0+ cd models for next year.

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