New Pioneer earbuds isolate the noise


    image_26846_largeimagefile New Pioneer earbuds isolate the noiseSo what if you’ve got the snazziest new MP3 player? It won’t do you any good if all you’re hearing is the traffic and ruckus that surrounds you as you commute to work. Following the same tradition as noise-isolating Shure and Sennheiser units comes three new earbuds from Pioneer: the SE-CL22-TJ, SE-CL22DN, and SE-CD25DN.

    Audiophiles can now enjoy their tunes without any of those outside distraction. The first two earbuds have 10mm speakers, whereas the ones on the SE-CD25DN are a monstrous 13.5mm in diameter. Now if they can only figure out to avoid getting nasty ear wax attached on these things.

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