Not exactly toilet humor: Hasbro shoves MP3s into a toothbrush


image_26912_largeimagefile Not exactly toilet humor: Hasbro shoves MP3s into a toothbrushHasbro has always been known for coming out with some rather nifty toys. They’re keeping that good tradition going by sending us into the bathroom to enjoy our music, courtesy of the Tooth Tunes MP3 Toothbrush. The ditties rattle through your teeth (literally), ending at the three minute mark to ensure that you have given that enamel the proper scrubbing it deserves. It’s no Oral B, so it’s not exactly the best toothbrush out there — “the bristles are a bit hard, the head a bit small, and the handle sucks for reverse grip action” — but at least the novelty of it will get your kids to brush their teeth.

Best of all, it comes with your choice of 18 fairly contemporary songs: Beach Boys (Fun, Fun, Fun), Destinys Child (Survivor), Kelly Clarkson (Walk Away), Queen (We Will Rock You), Aly & AJ (Walking on Sunshine), Black Eyed Peas (Let’s Get It Started), Hilary Duff (Wake Up), Jesse McCartney (Beautiful Soul), KISS (Rock & Roll All Night), The Cheetah Girls (Shake A Tail Feather), Theme Song from Rocky (Gonna Fly Now), and Village People (YMCA).

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