RCA Thomson set sights on iPod nano, reveals EM2802 and EH308

When you think of the latest MP3 players or the hottest PMPs, most people think about Creative, Apple, and maybe even Sandisk. RCA has kind of drifted in the background as of late, but they’re coming back with renewed fervor. Competing in much the same market as the iPod nano will be the EM2802 and EH308 MP3 players, the former of which rocks 2GB of flash memory, a 1.5-inch OLED screen, and MPEG-4 support, whereas the latter boasts a hefty 8GB hard drive and a 1.8-inch display. Pricing is expected to be below $150 for the EM2802, whereas the EH308 will likely come with a $200 tag.

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