New Sony PSP: HDD, 8GB Flash, due next Spring

image_27133_largeimagefile New Sony PSP: HDD, 8GB Flash, due next SpringConsidering that the current Sony PlayStation Portable has been on the market since September 2004, it only makes sense that electronics giant give this handheld multimedia machine a bit of a boost. According to Kotaku, Sony will be revitalizing the PSP brand with two new models this coming Spring, with one boasting 8GB of on-board flash memory, while the other will rock a hard drive of undetermined capacity.

Homebrew artists may feel this is a potential god-send, but I’m pretty sure the Sony-ites are hard at work to prevent any kind of video game piracy. The sub-$199 flash-based PSP and the $199+ HDD-based unit may even include some of that fancy-schmancy GPS and webcam action we’ve been hearing about too.

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