Ford officially kills Taurus after 21 years of service

It was an interesting run, to say the least. After 21 years of production, the Ford Taurus has finally reached the end of the line, with the last car scheduled for assembly some time next week. They haven’t been producing these for Joe Consumer for the past year or so, only making the car for fleet sales and as rental vehicles.

When it was first unveiled way back in 1985, it seemed like everyone fell in love with the people-moving sedan. It was fresh and new, selling 263,000 units that year. This figure continued to rise, right up to 1992 when 410,000 Tauruses (Taurii?) were sold. That year, the Taurus knocked the Honda Accord off its pedestal, going on to become the best selling passenger car in the U.S. for five straight years. Then, its fall from grace began, and Ford never really tried to give it a second go. Today, we have the Fusion and the Five Hundred taking its place, but they will never quite be the same.

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