Sony goes beyond full HD with 4K projector


image_27237_largeimagefile Sony goes beyond full HD with 4K projectorSmall, handheld projectors may be fun for their portability, but if you want some crazy nutty resolution, you may have to turn to this latest Sony 4K projector. Powered by SXRD technology, the SRX-S110 is capable of displaying resolutions as high as 4096 x 2160, which is pretty darn impressive. However, technically speaking, a 4K projector needs to be capable of doing more than ten megapixels, and if you fumble through the numbers, it turns out the SRX-S110 only does a measly 8.8. This thing is an absolute beast: according to a hands-on from a Gizmodo commenter, it is big, “about 2’W x 3.5’D x 1.5’H, and about 250 pounds.” And yes, there’s a good chance it costs more than $4k.

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