D-Link announces WiMAX router


    It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s a breakthrough all the same. It’s a WiMAX router from D-Link. It’s still in the finalizing stages at this point, but it will be commercially available next spring.

    Such a device will be an improvement, at least in terms of range, on current wireless options, since WiMAX, by design, reaches up to 30 miles. That’s music to the ears of the folks who want to put these giant cell towers and float balloons in the air to provide wireless access. WiMAX is broadband, too.

    WiMAX still has a ways to go to be compatible with all systems that are currently friendly with Wi-Fi, which means that the WiMAX revolution won’t happen overnight. But it is coming, especially in rural America and other places that don’t lend themselves to hundreds of miles of new wires.

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