SoundMate, SoundFlavors Bluetooth headsets for gramps


image_27356_largeimagefile SoundMate, SoundFlavors Bluetooth headsets for grampsIt’s not enough for Bluetooth headsets to just wirelessly connect to your cell phone anymore, so imagine our relative joy when we stumbled across these SoundID units that double as hearing aids. Yes, you read that right.

Despite their diminuitive size, they pack in some interesting features. The $249 PSS-Soundmate has three functions — Phone Mode, CompanionLink Mode (sends sound from a supplied mic “right to your ear”), and One2One Mode (“making one-on-one conversations more enjoyable in noisy situations”) — whereas the $699 PSS-SoundFlavors adds Amplification Mode, which blasts up conversations while filtering out background noise. Yup, a hearing aid.

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