GrooveRider iPod shirt holds tunes close to your chest


image_27294_largeimagefile GrooveRider iPod shirt holds tunes close to your chestWe’re all for making it easier to get your groove on, but this seems a bit much … or does it?

It is the grooveRider, an iPod shirt that does away with that clunky scroll wheel and replaces it with buttons, just buttons. The shirt has a special pocket to store your iPod and a special slot to thread the headphones cord through. Controlling that lovely MP3 player is left to the special “smart fabric interface,” which is a set of buttons built right into the shirt.

URBAN TOOL, the manufacturer out of Australia, says that the grooveRider can go right through the wash without losing any of that “smart fabric interface.” (You probably should air-dry it, however.)

The shirt comes in black, khaki, and savannah. The price is US$149.

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