Onda VX737 PMP looks like Game Boy Micro

Onda VX737 PMP looks like Game Boy Micro


Most companies seem to be borrowing their styling cues from Apple, but Onda has taken a different route. Their latest personal media player — the VX737 — bears a striking resemblance to an ill-fated handheld from Nintendo. There are a few subtle differences, however: the Onda has a larger (2.5-inch QVGA) screen compared to the Game Boy Micro (2-inch), despite being slightly thinner (11.5mm vs. 17.2mm). They both have very similar footprints (100mm x 50mm) though.

Oh, right, and the Onda is a PMP and not a game player. As such, it packs “Philips UDA1380TT audio decoder chips which ensure CD sound quality”, but it’s a shame that the battery only lasts for five hours of MP3, WMA, and WAV playing. Naturally it does stills and vids too, in addition to flash animations, FM radio, e-books, LRC lyrics, and SRT subtitles.