LG gets slim with XNote ultraportables

LG gets slim with XNote ultraportables


image_27391_largeimagefile LG gets slim with XNote ultraportablesThat swivel action on the LG XNote C1 really has us excited. But let’s back up.

LG has launched a pair of new notebooks, the XNote A1 and C1. Both are super-slim and lightweight, but the C1 is slightly heavier at 2.8 pounds, no doubt because of the parts required to enable swiveling.

Both sport the latest in tech specs, including 1.2GHz Core Duo processors and 64MB GeForce 7300 Go graphics suites. You can connect to your heart’s content with WiBro, DMB, and HSDPA. The display is impressive as well, at 1366×768.

We know you want more details (like price and such), but we don’t have them at the moment.

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