EBGames starts selling Zune pre-orders


image_27432_largeimagefile EBGames starts selling Zune pre-ordersThe imminent arrival of the iPod-killing Microsoft Zune may still be almost a month away, but if you want a piece of the Zune today, you can, because the EBGames’ website has started ordering pre-orders. You don’t get anything physically from Microsoft yet, but you can go around flaunting that receipt to all your Apple-loving friends, reaffirming to them how much greater your MP3 player will be. In the meantime, yeah, you have just a receipt (from a video game retailer no less). Hopefully they’ll have enough stock to handle the demand, or else you may not receive the Zune on Nov 14th. (Don’t worry though. You’ll have a few more toys that week too with the PS3 on the 17th and the Wii on the 19th).

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