iGoGo MP3 player is truly relaxing, rubs your shoulders


image_27515_largeimagefile iGoGo MP3 player is truly relaxing, rubs your shouldersLovers of the plinky plunky music you find at the local spa will be very quickly attracted to the new iGoGo MP3 player, because it comes with something that most DAPs don’t: a pair of “remote massagers”.

Don’t expect the same kind of experience that you’d receive from your $100 an hour masseuse, but you should expect to fork up plenty of bucks to enjoy this kind of relaxation. The iGoGo retails for a very hefty $500, but the vibrations are presumably in tune with your music (which it doesn’t store very much of, considering its tiny 128 megabytes of built-in memory). You can relax, but your checkbook cannot.

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