Honda updates CR-V compact SUV, no one notices


image_27535_largeimagefile Honda updates CR-V compact SUV, no one noticesHonda, second perhaps only to Toyota, has one of the industry’s best reputations when it comes to reliability (note: I said “reputation”). The Japanese automaker may not be particularly well known for its four-wheeling, but the CR-V is a very suitable choice for city dwellers seeking a little extra functionality. Honda has updated the compact SUV, with styling developed “around a theme of dynamism and emotional appeal to create a sense of sporty urban refinement.” Clearly, this vehicle, powered by a 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC engine good for about 170hp, is not designed with rugged off-roading in mind. That said, the new Real Time 4WD system provides 20% more torque to the rear wheels compared to its predecessor. They’ve widened the tread and lowered the center of gravity, providing “superior comfort on par with a sedan.”

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