In-car LCDs from Sharp boast 1500:1 contrast ratio


image_27571_largeimagefile In-car LCDs from Sharp boast 1500:1 contrast ratioSharp has always been recognized as a leader in LCD technology: their Aquos line of flat panel televisions are simply breathtaking. Now the manufacturing giant has turned its attention elsewhere, announcing an in-car screen with an industry-leading 1500:1 contrast ratio.

Sharp is not new to the in-car electronics game, but this newest accomplishment simply reaffirms their place as one of the best. The new eight-inch widescreen, boasting an 800 x 480 resolution, will be implemented in dashboards, perhaps replacing conventional speedometers and gas gauges. In this way, you can have a fully customized instrument panel with GPS, backup cameras, and so on.

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